Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Dresses

hey wedding dresses are so awesome every young girl awaits for their special day :]

the first one is for you if you want a day as a princess..

This dress from:

This dress is perfect for a beach weding.

This image is from

This dress is great for a fancy wedding.

This image is from

This lace dress is great for a wedding of all choices.

this image is from

This dress is perfect for an outdoors wedding.

this image is from

This dress is has alot of style and is perfect for all types of weddings.

So guys thats all for today so if you have something to say about this post just put a comment.

Nicole xoxo

Monday, July 26, 2010


Suzannahh and myself had a photo Shoot in the holidays there are just some of the photos.....
we got together at my house and had all our fave clothes on a rack and mixed and mached to get funkie photo shoots. (by the way were only 12 years old)

......Suzannah-pink jacket _urben angel
................ Hand bag _equip
Nicole-black jacket _glassons
Thanks to my mum for giving up her time to take the photos and helping us.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


HALA, holidays are up.
Yes term 2 has ended :) two weeks holidays, finally.

This hols i will be:
-going to oamaru to see my family for two days,
-having a photo shoot with my friend (some of the photos will go on here)here blog is
-and just lazing around :)

latley i have been reading the twilight books, im up to new moon and really want to go see ECLIPS as it just came out in the movies yesterday!!!!!!

Have a good holidays.!.!.!.

Nicole :]